The Lennie Gwyther Statue Project

Lennie Gwyther rode his pony, Ginger Mick, from Leongatha to Sydney in 1932 to witness the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Lennie was only nine years old, and the distance travelled was over 1,000 kilometres through bushland, over mountains and past the coast.


Lennie's father had a severe accident on their family farm in 1932, and Lennie took over the running of the farm.  To thank him for his hard work, his mother and father let him undertake the journey to Sydney.


To commemorate Lennie and Ginger Mick and to celebrate their journey, the Leongatha community wish to erect a statue of Lennie and Ginger Mick in the heart of the town he was a part of.  The statue planned will be in bronze and will be a three dimensional replica of a photograph of Lennie atop Ginger Mick on the day he left Leongatha. 


We have the good wishes of his family and the support of the South Gippsland Shire Council, local business and community organisations - now we need your help. 


To donate to the Lennie Gwyther Memorial Statue, click the link to the Donate Page.  You can donate through the Go Fund Me link online, or if you prefer to make a donation in person, simply send us a message on the Contact page.




Lennie Gwyther & Ginger Mick

Lennie Gwyther and Ginger Mick, at home in Centenary Park, Leongatha.

The Committee would like to extend their grateful thanks to everyone who helped make this dream a reality, and those who came to show their support at the unveiling event on Saturday 14 October.

Thank you