The Lennie Gwyther Statue Project

Lennie was born on the 18th April, 1922, the first child to Leo and Clara Gwyther.  His home was 'Flers', a farm just outside the small country town of Leongatha.  When Lennie was two years old, his Grandparents gave him as birthday present, a two year old colt named Ginger Mick.

Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge had commenced in 1923, and as Lennie grew into a school child his fascination with the amazing construction grew with him, and when the halves of the bridge were joined in 1930, he dreamed of attending the opening.


When Lennie was 9 years old, his beloved father 'The Captain' suffered a broken leg and had to be taken to hospital in Melbourne.  During the time his father was unwell, Lennie took over many of the farm duties.  When his father recovered and returned home he was amazed at the work Lennie had done, and offered him a reward for his efforts - Lennie asked to be allowed to ride Ginger Mick to Sydney, to see the opening of the Harbour Bridge.


After much planning (and agreement from Lennies mother), Lennie set off on his journey on 3rd February 1932.  He rode for over 600 miles to arrive in Sydney in time for the opening on the 19 March 1932.  Over the course of his ride, the newspaper reports of a boy riding his horse to Sydney made his so famous he was invited to take part in the procession after the opening.


Lennie and Ginger Mick made the return 600 mile journey to Leongatha, arriving at the family farm in mid April 1932, just after his 10th Birthday.


Life went back to normal for Lennie after his adventure, he helped his family on the farm, and he enlisted in the Army at 19 during the Second World War.  When the war was over, he returned to Australia from the Pacific and worked with General Motors Holden.  Lennie died in 1992.